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2984 reads Anders Breivik, the self-professed white supremacist responsible for the 2011 Norway massacre, must be considered as part of the global phenomenon of people who sympathize with jihadism and Islamic supremacism and who engage in violent activities in the name of it. Breivik’s rationalization for his actions was not a personal grievance against the government but rather a struggle against what he perceived as a “cultural Marxist” and “Marxist-Leninist” elite that had hijacked the Swedish political establishment. This is, in fact, what motivates many who support jihadism and Islamic supremacism today. Breivik’s motivation for the Norwegian attacks Breivik cited his personal experiences in the “war against cultural Marxism” as a central factor in his decision to carry out the attacks in Norway. He was motivated, he said, by “a tragic childhood” in which he was “beaten” by his parents and teachers and was expelled from school. He described his family’s upbringing as “pagan”. Breivik developed an “anti-globalist” worldview and ideology after his parents and teachers allegedly indoctrinated him to embrace the “cultural Marxist” and “Marxist-Leninist” ideologies. Breivik’s parents both received military training at an elite camp and were members of the Special Support Group of the Norwegian army, a reserve force of special forces soldiers. The reason Breivik’s parents became members of the SSG, a well-guarded elite force, was to be prepared for the threat posed by potential political enemies (mainly, he said, the Norwegian socialist party, later Communist party) that Breivik believed would be aligned with cultural Marxism and the Soviet Union. Breivik believed his parents’ membership in the SSG was a liability to the defense of Norway because it allowed them to identify the members of the Norwegian elite who were aligned with the Soviet Union, as well as their “Marxist-Leninist” sympathizers. This indoctrination, according to Breivik, was what “normal” and “ordinary” Norwegians should have never been exposed to. He said that these views were a “cancer in our society” and “a growing threat”.




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Twitter Money Bot Cracked Feet

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