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Home Decor

Purchase Plus Improvements Program

This program allows you to take out additional funds from your mortgage when you purchase your home to do some of these needed or wanted repairs and improvements.

Does the home you’re buying need any of the following?

  • Update Kitchen      

  • Update Bathrooms

  • New Paint

  • New Flooring

  • Renovate or Finish Basement         

  • New Deck or Patio

  • New Windows or Doors

  • Update Lighting & Fixtures

And more...

Benefits of using this Program:


  • You won’t have to qualify for a further renovation loan after closing (which is often hard to do)


  • You pay the lowest possible interest rate and payments for the renovations (which have been included in the mortgage with same rate and amortization)


  • You don’t have to live with any unwanted issues in your home, get them repaired or updated before you move in.


  • May provide you with more options during your home search, knowing you will have the funds available to do the needed repairs or upgrades.


  • This program qualifies for a minimum down payment of 5%.  Down payment will be based off the total of purchase price + funds for improvement.

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