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BC First Time Buyer Incentive Discontinued

The deadline for new or updated submissions for the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive is midnight ET on March 21, 2024. 

For new and resubmitted First-Time Home Buyer Incentive applications 

All new applications and resubmissions for previously cancelled or declined applications must reach the Program Administrator by March 21, 2024 (midnight ET). 

  • In cases where an application was previously cancelled or declined, it must be resubmitted and received by the Program Administrator before the March 21, 2024 (midnight ET) deadline.

  • If an application is submitted on or before the March 21, 2024, deadline (midnight ET) and is declined due to an application error, the mortgage loan insurer is responsible for rectifying the issue and resubmitting the application.

  • Applications resubmitted after March 21, 2024 must undergo a manual review. Requests for such reviews must be submitted no later than March 25, 2024 (midnight ET).

The Program Administrator will process applications received before the deadlines promptly. No new approvals will be granted after March 31, 2024. 

For approved applications 

The Program Administrator will continue to consider post-approval changes, following the guidance outlined in the Operational Policy Manual (PDF) available on the Place to Call Home website (refer to section 6.3). 

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